Gender Male
Age 17
Race Human
Role Prophet
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Faction Adventurers


Claude has dark brown curly hair with a vary pale complexion, he is thin and has a freckled face. Claude's main outfit consists of black jeans, a  leather trench coat, a black fedora and a red bandanna around his neck.


Claude loves anything macarbe and dark, especially horror novels.

Claude is prone to violent mood-swings, paranoia, depression and insomnia, these conditions all stem from Stage- 4 Necropathy which causes his head to be filled with the voices of anyone who has died or ever will die and while he sleeps his body is wracked in pain from the souls of the dead trying to rip him apart.


His condition provides some benfits though, such as knowing the future from seeing the lives of those who are going to die as well as minor Necromancy and the ability to manifest peoples worst fears. 



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