Gender Male
Age 17
Race Homo sapiens
Role Scout, Intelligence officer.
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction The Adventurers


Drew has shaggy dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, a light tan, and is 5'10 with a thin but athletic frame. He wears a black hoodie with flourescent yellow stripes, and black thick-framed glasses when alone or around Ben or Holden.


Drew is very unpredictable and mischievous. He tends to be drawn to everything by curiousity, which can get him into confusing situations. He can turn anything into a joke, and has feline urges. His self-confidence appears to rise far beyond a healthy trait.  He fails terribly at being mysterious, and can be rude without knowing it. He is awkwardly clumsy and knocks over/breaks things easily. Sometimes he takes the easy way out, and doesn't take competition lightly. His hobbies include learning new fighting styles, hacking, programming, drawing, strategy games, and exploring.




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