Gender Male
Age 16
Race Human
Role Demolitions expert
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Adventurers


JT is a jolly, brown haired, 5'11" tall male with a large build.


JT is often very laid back but can be very excitable. JT is most often alone browsing the web and talking to friends, but when he's not doing that he is probably telling jokes or goofing around with his friends. Sometimes people think JT is a bit annoying due to his incessant chatter and loudness, but it doesn't matter as he is extremely loyal and will stick by his friends even if they can be jerks to him sometimes.


JT is a skilled sailor, chef and bomb-maker, JT had once sailed many a lake, sea and ocean 'till he was called upon to rejoin The Adventurers. JT's official position is demolitions expert and with good reason, JT can successfully build and disarm almost any type of bomb, where he got the time, will and rescources to aquire this skill... We'll never know.



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