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  • Beemo

    hey hi hello

    July 17, 2013 by Beemo

    Well I finally made a person for Emocon. I don't know if like you want the magical people to have wizard stuff so I just drew whatever. Tell me if you need anything changed or any suggestions.

    Name: Christine

    Age: 15 and a half

    Race: Maaaagic personnnn or human, human is good

    Role: I dunno what to do for this so I'll leave it blank

    Alignment: Lawful Good woohoo

    Faction: Adventurer

    She specializes in Ice magic and learning air (not very good at it though >_> ). Christine is childish and has a big heart. She is pretty gullible and loves to have fun. She can be easily distracted but when help is needed she'll be there.

    • she doesn't always wear her hat
    • she doesn't always wear pigtails (but most of the time she does)
    • has a fear of fire
    • dislikes anything ho…

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