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  • SlothIncorperated

    Alrighty guys, Let's talk about Bud! The gang's main mode of transport and pet dragon!

    And by talk I mean I'm asking you to design him for me! That's right you!

    Look, I would like (eh) to design him, but I really want to see more of your guyses ideas! I want you guys to feel like this is your series too!


    1. He is a Dragon!

    2. He should look somewhat docile and friendly! (you don't have to do this though.)

    3. Make him look rideable

    4. Make him unique! Make him something other than some lame dragon!

    5. Post pictures in the comments sections or provide us a link to your art!

    But if you want to draw something else, like go right ahead! Design a character that doesn't have a look yet!

    or if you feel like you could improve a character we already ha…

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  • SlothIncorperated


    April 3, 2014 by SlothIncorperated

    The new storyline is….

    Seven years prior to our main story, the adventurers were thriving with roughly 100 peeps in there group but then brennyn got everyone into a big fight with ‘ol leo and his dudes (over what and why idk give me time i'm doing this alone fyi) leaving only a few people left Brennyn, Josh, Ben, Ted, Holden, Dale, Allison, Claude, JT and bud

    after that everyone went their separate ways despite Brennyn’s attempts to keep them together but their were too many feels between them all. anyway it’s 7 years later and we start out with Josh who is living in a city with his roommate lake, he wakes up late for work as his job as a patrolman (like a cop or somethin’) HE discovers everyone at his job has been too preoccupied with a pri…

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  • SlothIncorperated


    March 22, 2014 by SlothIncorperated

    Alright People, with the heroes of our story almost completed, we need to focus on the bad guys of this series.

    I am propsing a contest, Leonidas designs! To be honest, I'm giving this up to you guys because I have no Idea what "he" should look like.


    Leonidas is a vampire. He is intelligent, strong, fast, and magical. Leonidas is very old but he is immortal and stuff, so he doesn't look old. he is  a strigoi, strigois have bright glowing blue irises. Leonidas has had a rough but a not neccessarily antagonistic past with the adventurers until now, maybe he was with them? maybe he was just some dude? we may never know, leonidas doesn't talk about the past but he wears it in the form of trophies and scars.

    What I would like to see, but y…

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  • SlothIncorperated


    August 17, 2013 by SlothIncorperated

    I was at one point going to suggest that we should get more people to join up, ya know eliminating the need for all the extra bs characters, but uhhh, do to my uhhh, lack of confidence about this series... but then if i just got rid of an idea no one knew about, why would i talk about it, it would be terrible if someone else joined... * winkity- wink*

    Anyway this isnt what this blog is about, this blog is about like the physicalities of this series: Voice actors animators (cos im pretty sure we'll some form of help with this, because pooof) Uhhh hmmm money? thats about it really, i can try to raise monies myself,  Voice actors.... ummmm i'll find some, but I am at least expecting you guys to voice your own characters, I am practicing animat…

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  • SlothIncorperated


    August 16, 2013 by SlothIncorperated

    Okays "The Adventurers" has started! this is extremely awesome! episode 2 should be coming out soon written by the very capable PotterShoe, who will also be write ep 3 and 12

    while i will be writing episodes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 19 and 20

    I dont wanna do tis alone, so come on tell me if youd like to write and i tell you the episodes, this is a group effort guys

    step up yo

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