Alright Guys, I would please love it if you pitched ideas, like anything. And another thing Is that we have another Adventurers character slot, besides that I literally have every single character done, and each one has a role. Well kind of.....

Anyway, I now think that i will use the character that i was going to use for CS: Claude, Necromancer/Necropath, Hes driven insane by hearing the voices of the dead in his head all of the time telling him to do horrible things. But its just a thought, So if anyone has another oc than go ahead and telll me.

I will be posting scripts and voice clips, Josh, please try to get some sort of software for voice acting, Anyway, yeah eventually, we can get all the voice acting done, then all we will need is the animation.. oh and A NAME...

So yeah

-Brennyn, SlothIncorperated.

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